Welcome to the work of Contextqueen

Welcome to my work! My name is Froukje Sleeswijk Visser and I help clients build solutions that bring real value to users. My activities cover a wide range of methodologies from design research to service development  (e.g., contextmapping, applied ethnography, home visits, in-depth interviews, insights generation, co-creation sessions, journey mapping, service blueprinting, business modelling). I always work with users. They are the experts of their experiences and in that expertise they can contribute to innovation processes of new services and products. As I really enjoy working with users, I also prefer to work with clients, not for clients. Collaboratively working together with all parties through each stage helps in building expertise of all involved and in shared understanding of new identified opportunities for innovation. Through close collaboration with clients we can also produce tailor made communication forms for working with user insights.

I enjoy sharing methodologies and project experiences through lecturing and presenting at different educational institutions or network events national and internationally. Besides Contextqueen work, I work as an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology. Currently (2017) I dedicate my time mostly to TU work to deepen my knowledge and skills and share these with design experts and students.

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Great people I collaborate with

I am an independent design consultant, which allows me to form the best team to serve each client specifically with the best experts. With a small group of crazy, open-minded and smart designers and researchers, many of them having our homebase in Rotterdam, we form specialised teams. But we collaborate with international experts as well. Depending on the type of project we add individual experts or agencies specialised in a design discipline, market research, social sciences, innovation management, etc.