TU Delft work 2017

Deepening my knowledge

Currently I am working mainly at Delft University of Technology to deepen my knowledge and share this with students and other experts. While doing this investment my ContextQueen work is on the back burner for 2017.

I am the lead of a very research exciting project called MyFutures. In this project we try to learn from everyday people how people deal with their older selves. We will use these insights for designing new solutions to support people in making choices about their own futures. In our changing society people need to organise our ‘old days’ more and more by ourselves. This is a sad perspective when you take in consideration this is mainly a¬†strategy for costs reduction¬†in the care system of The Netherlands. In this project we try to discover opportunities through design research and come with new propositions to support people in making their own arrangements for their future selves based on their own needs for support at the right moments in life.

Another project that I am running (2016-2017) is called Ford Service Design for Mobility. Ford Research and Advanced Engineering team wants to learn the latest service design methodologies from Delft University of Technology. In an exchange programme with graduation students and a series of trainings we are creating great new mobility ideas while playing with journey maps, service blueprinting and sketching with early business models.

For more info go to my research or education activities at Delft University of Technology.